The Artist

I graduated from Okaloosa Technical College in February 2018 with a certificate in Welding Technology and being the freshly graduated, starry-eyed, over-achieving Asian that I am, I was applying at every fabrication and metal shop I could locate within a reasonable distance of me. Would'ja believe that NO ONE wanted to hire a student who had no "field" experience and if they did, they didn't wanna pay me for shit? Kinda sucks.

So after a depressing amount of hearing "We're not hiring" and "No," I decided to do my own thing for about a year dabbling with various ideas and finally decided to bite the bullet and start my business. Best damn decision I could make for myself.

My Work

I create handcrafted metal art using welding, torch-cutting or forging processes. No two pieces I make are ever exactly the same, which makes my work special and unique.  

I specialize in the creation of distressed patriotic flags as well as other 2D and 3D art. There's not much I can't do and if there is, I'll find a way to make it.