The Artist

Karin Kokram

I graduated with a certificate in Welding Technology in February 2018 from Okaloosa Technical College in Fort Walton Beach, FL., and being the freshly graduated, starry-eyed, over-achieving Asian that I am, I was applying at every fabrication and metal shop I could locate within a reasonable distance of me. Would'ja believe that NO ONE wanted to hire a student who had no experience!? Like, I get it, but it's pretty counter-intuitive. Hear me out, like, how the FUCK am I supposed to get "real world" experience if y'all ain't gonna give me a chance? DUUUUUHHH!

So after a depressing amount of hearing "We're not hiring" and "No," I said, "fuck it," and did my own thing for about a year dabbling with various types of art to try and figure out what worked and didn't work for me and finally decided to bite the bullet and start my business at the beginning of the 2019 year. Best damn decision I've ever made for myself.

I make cooL stuff!

I create one-of-a-kind art by hand using a plasma cutter, a welder, and sometimes forging techniques. No two pieces I make are ever exactly the same, which is exactly why I do what I do.  I am not a fan of production work as it becomes very redundant and I just don't feel that production made products has as high of a value as something that was made by hand from start to finish.

I specialize in the creation of distressed patriotic flags ranging from the classic Old Glory, to sports teams, and everything in between. I also create signs and various other types of art that you can think of such as beach art, sea life, bar art, and general tourism stuff. If you can think it, I'm 99% positive I can make it. There's not much I can't do and if there is something I can't do, it is usually due to a specific type of equipment I don't have because believe it or not, equipment is expensive as shit.